Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miniature Master Bedroom

One of the Giant Peach's downsides is the teeny, tiny master bedroom. It's actually not the master, but the boys are sharing that room, so this is it.

Upsides are the beautiful, big windows, L-shaped window seat, and wood floors. Challenges are the size of the room and the microscopic closet.
I've been assessing the situation since we moved in and I've got a plan.

1. John has agreed to join me in building the upholstered bed, similar to the one above. He'll cut and assemble, I'll upholster in grey linen fabric. Sticking with the white hotel-style bedding we have.

2. I've been waiting for this dresser to go on sale at IKEA. It's a pretty charcoal grey with white handles. Perfect. And will really help with the distribution of the clothes that don't fit into the tiny closet.

3. I'm having our local thrift gold mine, Pat's, assemble a vintage pedestal table for me. I pick out the top and pedestal. They build and paint the color of my choice. For cheap! This will be in front of the window seat for a seating space.

4. Sheer window treatments to soften the windows.

4. Decorate with throw pillows, window seat cushions, valances and picture frames done in these fabrics.

I'll post when it's finished! Wish me luck...

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Jules said...

I think that you have redone your bedroom 10 times in the last 10 years...you amaze me. And my bedroom has been the same for the last 10 years. Get yours done and then do mine. I feel like I have this great decorator in my life but I don't get to reap the benefits. Love you sis!!

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