Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers for Amateurs

I'm one of those women who doesn't wait for my husband to bring flowers home. I buy them for myself. And who can pass up pink gerbers?

Picked these up on sale at the grocery store this weekend. Had found this retro vase last weekend at a yard sale, and had left-over rocks from the big party we had a few weeks ago.

Here are my tips on arranging beautiful flowers in your home on a budget...

1. Skip the big "mixed flower" bouquets. Choose a bouquet with one or two types of flowers with greenery that you love. My favorites right now are sunflowers, gerbers and lilacs. Dahlias are on my summer list.
2. Whenever you see unique containers on the cheap, pick them up. My favorite things to arrange flowers in weren't intended for flowers at all. Unique vintage vases are another good choice. Line the vase with rocks or other items to hold your stems. Fill with water to within a few inches of the top.
3. Measure your stems to the height you'd like for your vase, cut at an angle and immediately submerge in water. I like to do the flowers first, greenery after.
4. Secure your stems in the rocks or other stabilizer. I like to have a few in the center that are slightly taller than the perimeter stems. Fill in with greenery between the stems, but not in front. They should make the arrangement look more full, but not draw attention.
Just like you picked it up at the flower shop, but at a price you could spend every week.

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