Friday, May 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

Image via Cafe Mom 

Love this idea for fathers' day. I'm thinking gift cards, pictures and golf trinkets. 

As I attempt to feed my kids a better breakfast, this scrambled egg tutorial gets me excited to leave cereal behind. 

I've fallen for Clinique's super-balanced powder make-up. It's been keeping my skin clear and oil-free. Plus it has a grinder, which means more make-up on my face and less all over the sink. 

Check out this fun idea to make a room fun. Budget-friendly too. 

I'm inspired by Stephanie's home. De-cluttered and special details. 

It's time to take dinner outside. 21 great ideas for an outdoor dining room. 

Thinking about replacing our truck with a used Highlander. Opinions? 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! We're hitting the beach...what are your plans?


Lisa Eaton said...

love these links. have a good weekend.

Alanna said...

We have a Highlander and LOVE it!!!! :)

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