Sunday, May 16, 2010

Phoenix - Day & Night 3

I have to admit, coming into this little vacation I thought Phoenix in the middle of May might be a bit late, but I was wrong. 95 degrees on day 3, but we barely noticed.

Started out with some early morning yard sales (mostly talking) with my friend up was family patio time, complete with Starbucks and a pool boy...moved on in the afternoon to a very fun swim date with the Eatons...and ended the night with Ryan and Hannah's wedding.

Day 4, can you top that?

John relaxes with his fantasy golf game and couch parenting.
Lincoln giving back to our gracious house hosts. Water feature pool boy. Lincoln and Caroline. I see a future here.
Harrison's "i'm not so sure" reaction to the pool. He just got himself signed up for swim lessons with this attitude.
Couldn't keep Ben out of the pool. Little fish.
Wow, hot Reverend.
Maybe my favorite wedding dress of all time. And I've been to alot of weddings. Beautiful, Hannah.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I think day 4 tops day 3, even if just for Lincoln. Thanks again for hanging out...I felt energized as i always do hanging out with you.

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