Monday, May 17, 2010

Phoenix Finale

Lincoln & Robson St. buddy, Alton
Day 4 did not disappoint.

Got to hold one-week-old William Reid. Almost made me want to give birth again, but then I remembered the next 17.5 years. (nice job Gelbrichs)

Spent the afternoon with friends in our old neighborhood (Robson St.)

Arrived back at the Morrison's to enjoy a wine and cheese party with friends who have know us since we were single. (now that's a long time)
Wonderful hospitality, conversation and laughter. Perfect ending.

On the long drive back to San Diego, (I'll spare you the pictures of multiple kid melt-downs) John and I talked about how it feels to be gone from Phoenix - our home for so long. We both agreed that we feel like "home" is where we have each other and our boys. But we sure do miss the people we love in the Valley of the Sun.

Thanks for welcoming us back.

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