Friday, May 21, 2010

Rental Decor

There are lots of things I love about the Giant Peach's kitchen...the island, view and cabinets...but it's just plain white. And that's just not me. So keeping in mind that this is a rental, vinyl decals are the perfect way to add some design, with a budget in mind.

I've had this decal from Tasty Suite for awhile, but just decided to apply it today.
Here's the details in case you want to try one of your own.

Step 1: Tape decal (with paper backing still intact) onto wall and mark top with pencil.
Step 2: Lay decal on flat surface, paper backing up, and use credit card to rub along decal lines to be sure it's stuck to the adhesive side.

Step 3: Pick one corner and very slowly peel paper backing off of decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the backing, lay it back down and rub with credit card until it sticks to the adhesive side.
Step 4: Once the paper backing is completely removed, place the decal and adhesive on the wall and smooth completely from one side to the other using your hand and credit card. Rub the decal lines with a credit card to ensure it's attached to the wall. Slowly peel back the adhesive. If any part of the decal comes up as you are doing this step, replace the adhesive, rub with credit card, and try again.

Much better view for making coffee and scrambling eggs.

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