Friday, June 25, 2010

Discover San Diego

I've polled the San Diegans at camp this week for their favorite restaurant "spots". A few are well known and others are hidden gems. Here we go...

Name: Eric Scofield
Camp Job: Camp Director 
Secret Life Dream: Pro Golfer
Favorite Restaurants: 
Jake's & Poseidon (Del Mar) - Suggests a drink and appetizer on the patio at Poseidon and then dinner at Jake's. Eric's wife, Marni, suggests the almond-crusted Halibut and crab cakes.
Name: Luke Walther 
Camp Job: Head Leader
About Luke: Gave up beautiful Santa Barbara for San Diego (tough life) to start Young Life in La Jolla. Glad to have you Luke. 
Favorite Restaurants:
Sushi Deli (Downtown) & The Spot (La Jolla) - Suggests going to Sushi Deli at 5pm on Sat. night to avoid the rush. Try the Keith special roll, the Ninja roll and the Crunchy roll. Loves the burgers at The Spot. 
Name: Neil Eckerlin
Camp Job: Program Director 
Camp Alias: Captain "Jack Yo' Stuff" 
Interesting Neil Facts: Neil can play any program character from flamboyant movie director, hip-hop back up dancer to jack sparrow pirate. 
Favorite Restaurants: He wanted to say Islands, but I have a no-chain restaurant policy, so Jalepenos it is. Good Mexican joint right by his house in Rancho Bernardo. Try the carne asada fries and California Burrito. 
Name: Martin Cuchero
Camp Job: Program Director 
Camp Alias: Mr. Bojangles 
Loves: his adorable bride, Angela. 
Favorite Restaurant: Pizza Port in Solana Beach, also recommended by several others. Looks like the San Francisco and the Carlsbad Pizzas are good places to start, with a CA blonde beer. Cheers!
Name: Jordan & AJ Pitkin
Camp Jobs: Program Director & Work Crew Boss
Interesting Facts: Texas girl meets California boy at Lost Canyon as interns. AJ says it was love at first sight.
Favorite Restaurants: They love many restaurants in this town, but boiled it down to C-Level for a nice dinner, and Johnny B. Burgers in La Mesa for a great beer and burger. Jordan suggests the pecan-crusted brie at C-Level.

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