Monday, June 7, 2010

Everybody Has One

A junk drawer. Don't pretend you don't have one. It's the place you shove things when you need your counters clean quick. Catch all for the miscellaneous items that you don't have a place for, yet you want to know where it is. Problem is, when you need the item it takes 1/2 hour and a few choice words to dig it out. 

Today's project was organizing the junk drawer. This mess was produced rather quickly since we just moved here in February. But it's a big drawer and there was an large amount of junk in there. Here's how I did it in 20 minutes. 

1. Made three piles : Throw away, Find a new home, Back in the drawer. (HGTV)
2. Mercilessly added things to the throw away pile. NO PAPER, except a notepad, can go back in the drawer. 
3. Put everything in the "new home" pile away. (longest step) 
4. Wiped drawer. Arranged these Made Smart containers in drawer. (Target) 
5. Arranged remaining items by category. 

Afterwards, Lincoln said to me. "Mom, it's not even a junk drawer anymore." That's the idea. 

Junk Drawer Before 
Junk Drawer After 

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