Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Design Week | Color Day

As a self-professed re-decorator, I'm always thinking of the next thing that needs painting, positioning or put on Craigslist. Through five houses in the last ten years, I've learned a few things about making this process easier and enjoyable. This week I'd like to share the process I go through when putting a room together. 

Before choosing paint, textiles, furniture, or accessories, I pull together a collection of images with colors that I'm attracted to. The colors you choose (see above) might not all end up in the room, but you'll have somewhere to start. I also like to include a picture of the wood and metal colors I'll be using in the room. 

This takes time. Don't rush the process. I have a "color" folder in iphoto that I stash pictures of as I see them online. I also use a cork board above my sewing table that I pin ideas to as I see them in magazines or other print. My worst color choices have been ones that were last minute, "under pressure pics" at the paint store. If you always have a file of ideas going, you'll be ready when it's time to choose. 

After you've chosen 4-6 colors that you'd like to see in your room, it's time to start thinking about which you'd like for wall paint, painted furniture, textiles and accessories. Choose 2-3 neutral colors and 1-2 focal point colors.

What is the atmosphere you want to create?
To create a calm, light, open room, you'll use neutrals on the walls, window treatments and furniture while using the bold, focal point colors on a piece of furniture, fabrics and accessories. 
To create more of a "statement" with a room, use your focal point color on the walls and accessories, while keeping the furniture, window treatments and some textiles neutral. 

(Don't rush out and buy your paint first. Although, I do love paint)

Next up...textiles.

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