Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Jersey Diner

I can't believe I'm blogging about a tuna melt, but this wasn't your average "summer camp" tuna on wonder bread. Delicious. Made it onto our family's re-make list after the first bite.  Even Lincoln said "this is really good Mom". (see picture) 
The best thing is that most of the ingredients are things you have around the house. You can find the recipe here. 


Kirk Erickson said...
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Kirk Erickson said...

When I first saw that you had blogged about a tuna melt I thought to myself, "this can't end well"

My friends and I bet each other constabtly. And our wager: tuna melts. Why? Because even if you win, you lose.

There is usually nothing good about tuna melts, til now. Thanks for sharing Jen!

Jessica said...

Awesome! I'm trying it. We don't eat enough tuna around here. I f I don't start soon, P will be one of "those" kids who doesn't eat tuna.

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