Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Solo Mom Weekend

Thursday night John headed to Arizona for his "guys weekend", aka golf, poker and greasy mexican food. I geared up for fun-mom weekend. Here's the scoop.

I picked Lincoln up from school on friday and we discussed celebration options for my last day of work. He suggested making brownies, which I thought was an appropriate welcome to my new professional home-maker status. 

Saturday morning included some pajama bubble time, and an hour packing up for a beach picnic. We did a Target run to spend Lincoln's savings in the Lego aisle. (1/2 hour in the Lego aisle with three boys. Got the visual?) 

We finally made it to the beach at noon. Harrison decided he didn't want any sand on his feet, which is fairly hard to do when you're at THE BEACH. So he spent some time crying on the blanket while sandcastles were built and sand was thrown. Lincoln asked to be buried in the sand, which we followed up with a huge water fight. 

After a Sunday morning walk to Starbucks and play time in the yard, I spent the rest of the day telling Lincoln to stop bugging Harrison. I'm trying to teach Harrison to say "no thank you" to Lincoln instead of screaming. Is that ridiculous? Probably. But I have high hopes. 

John arrived at 6:49 pm. (yes, I know the exact time) The best part of John going out of town is when he comes back through the front door. 

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Jules said...

You ar e such a fabulous mama! Happy first day of stay at home mom life. Love you sis!!

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