Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creekside Camping

Since we're about 15 minutes inland, the afternoons get a little toasty. We found this sweet little creek-side spot to cool off. Met some fun friends, Jeano and Sergio, to play with and the boys were set. One thing I love about having boys is how easy they are to please. Water, rocks and pals. Done. 

Still surviving on our first camping trip! Highlights have been breakfast time, nighttime campfires, and day time adventures off camp. 

We need to work on more comfy beds (old backs) and better equipment to fight the bees and squirrels for our next trip! The "friendly" squirrels ate a whole tray of cupcakes Day 1, an 8-pack of corn Day 2 and a garbage bag full of who-knows-what Day 3. No wonder they are so plump...

1 comment:

Jules said...

For your first camping trip, you are on a LONG one! I camp for max 3 days, but then again you are in Malibu. Miss you sister!

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