Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seal Beach

On our trip home from Malibu last week we stopped for lunch in Seal Beach. If I didn't love San Diego so much, this would be the town for me. Loved walking the pier with the kids, strolling main street and people watching at the beach. 

Would love to stay at the Ayres Boutique Hotel. Had scrumptious fish and chips at Hennessey's. Wouldn't mind getting my sushi on at Koi Sushi. For a night out it looks like 320 Main is the spot. The Crema Cafe is the place for crepes and pasteries, or you can have your coffee with an ocean view at Bogart's Coffee. 

There were also a bunch of adorable boutiques I would have loved to poke my head into if I hadn't been towing three boys along. Next time. Seal Beach will definitely be a front runner for our next weekend away. 

1 comment:

JuLieO said...

Is it just me or is Lincoln almost as tall as John?!

p.s your kids keep getting cuter, I think it may be defying the laws of nature.

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