Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School - Part II

I can't believe I've got two of my boys in school. My baby boy Ben is a kinder and Lincoln feels like second grade is more his style than first.  "Math is much harder" was today's comment. 

Linc's teacher has been at McKinley since 1975. (that's not a typo) Lincoln said she likes cats, owls and singing in the class. I need to get to know this woman. 

Ben's already class favorite after just two days. He's learning "quiet hands" (i.e. don't throw things at people's heads) and came come covered in marker and paint. The messier the better. Bring it. 

It's good to be a Cougar. (McKinley Cougar, that is) 


Tracey said...

I thought you liked to be a Cullen Cougar too : )

pascale said...

Your boys are so cute and it's a blessing that they like school too :)

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