Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kirtsy Party with Elizabeth Irvine

Remember when I told you awhile back about winning "A Moment's Peace" giveaway on Kirtsy? Yesterday was the day! Author Elizabeth Irvine came to town and spent the whole day with me. It was incredible. I'll share the details of everything we talked about in another post. A "before and after" post. Get excited about that. 

But first things first. Here are some pictures of the dinner party we hosted for a group of my friends. We had "happy hour" first, followed by Elizabeth sharing wisdom about creating peaceful homes and balancing our lives. Priceless. We ended with dinner from Bread and Cie, and desserts from Cardamom. It was incredible evening and I feel so blessed to have won this treat. Thanks Elizabeth and Kirtsy! 

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