Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Heart

I don't know if all 7-year-olds are this way, but Lincoln can go from Mr. Sassy Mouth to Mr. Big Hearted in 60 seconds flat. One minute I want to drive over his Wii in the driveway and the next I want to kiss his sweet little freckled face for being so kind and lovable. Mood swings for both of us I guess. 

He came home from school the other day and told me some kids in his class were teasing him about Ben. I knew we'd eventually go down this road, but first week of school? Seriously. He said he didn't know what to do. We discussed appropriate ways to tell kids not to tease Ben, and how to explain what Down Syndrome is so they can understand. Lincoln was very mature about it, and I could see how hurt he was that kids would tease his brother. 

But the best part of the conversation for me was when he said, 
"And if they don't stop teasing him, I'll just kick 'em in the shin." 

Hard to argue with that reasoning. 


Jules said...

I love this-that's why I'm so glad my niece Antonia has two older brothers to kick people in the shins for her. Although, quite frankly, Tonia's the one most likely to kick someone in the shins!

Bernice said...

This is priceless!! I LOVE IT!!

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