Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Discover San Diego - Botanical Garden

This weekend John and I were invited to attend the San Diego Botanical Garden's annual fundraiser. We'd never been to the Botanical Garden before, and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. We'll be bringing the kids back another day to explore. 

I loved how the event was set up to encourage guests to see the entire grounds. Perfect for a date night. There were thirty different restaurants from around San Diego set up in stations. They each had something unique and delicious to sample. I couldn't stop talking about the macaroni and cheese with lobster and truffles. John hit the sushi table until they started giving him dirty looks. Plenty of drink stations around every corner. We loved being about hold the exotic birds and hear about them from their overly-zealous owners. (One lady said her entire dining room was filled with bird cages. Huh?) The event wrapped up with dessert, a short program and dancing. 

It was a completely eco-friendly event. All of the plates, utensils, napkins were made if compostable materials. They anticipated that the event of 400 people would only create one five gallon barrel of trash. Amazing. 

On our way out of the event every guest was given a beautiful lavender plant. The perfect end to the evening. We'll definitely be back. 

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