Tuesday, September 14, 2010

60 Minute Makeover

Being a professional homemaker has lots of "ups". In fact, the only major flaw so far is the drastic cut to my home decorating budget. I've been chomping at the bit since my visit with Elizabeth Irvine last week. All of these fabulous ideas and no dinero to get started yet. 

As is my standard fashion, I decided to do a mini-makeover to our back porch 60 minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive last night. I obviously thrive under-pressure (drives John crazy). 

While there will be some adjustments when the funds are available, here's what happened in that one, crazy hour while my kids watched Yo, Gabba Gabba. (don't judge me). 

1. Removed long black bench and shoe rack that blocked the porch "shelf". 
2. Had John cut down a neglected children's table to make a 20" center table.  
2. Re-arranged plants from other places in the yard to create a "green space". 
3. Quick teak oil rub on the IKEA plank flooring. 
4. Cut a round, natural weave tablecloth from my fabric bin 
5. Filled square glass vase with black river rock, surrounding votive. Arranged with other natural elements on table: wicker, pottery, lavender, glass. 
6. Made shelf seat from a thick piece of foam, covered in same material as tablecloth. Arranged pillows from around the house against back wall. 
7. Placed fragrant plants near shelf seat. Basil, lavender. 

Mission accomplished. We enjoyed the space so much we ended up having appetizers, salads and the main course out there. Looking forward to many more evenings on the porch with friends. 


Lexi said...

So pretty! Good Job. And there is nothing wrong with an hour of Gabba Gabba... Jackson has them on DVR and knows their titles. :) Every once and awhile he might watch more than an hour!!!

Tracey said...

You did all that in one hour...you are amazing! It looks fantastic. Once again you have inspired me.

elizabeth irvine said...

You,my friend are truly amazing!I LOVE it!I cannot wait to see the implementations to everything we discussed! Take your time. No rush.
For those who want to know more about what Jen is up to.. http://bit.ly/aM3nJg

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