Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Meet Tracey. Mom to two adorable toe-headed girls. They have a great family business, Lynch Creek Farms. You'll find the most beautiful Christmas Wreaths in the winter and Dahlias in the summer there. But her most endearing quality to me is that she's been my sister friend since Jr. High. They take an annual trip to a Kenny Chesney concert. (where they act like they're still in Jr. High. No offense  ladies). 

Tracey, you're the winner of this awesome stack of books. Peace. 
(email me) 


Jules said...

Woo last one of my peeps finally wins!! If anyone needs books on parenting it's Tracey....just kidding she is by far one of the best mom's out there. I learn a little more from her each time I am with her. She is a patient, fun, beautiful mommy and I love you dearly girlfriend!!

katie shrum said...

congrats, Trace!! she could share the books with her hubby, eh, Julie??? :) kidding, Tracey...kinda? :)

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