Monday, September 20, 2010


Do you wear headbands? I'm trying to be a headband person.

I decided to poll the boys. Big mistake I think. We voted on the headband and I was the only one in the room with a raised hand. (Caveat...Ben wasn't in the room and I'm sure he would have been in my corner) Harrison pointed to it and said, "Bun?" 

Lincoln said it looks like a mini-sombrero on my head. John almost fell out of his chair laughing. Then Lincoln said "Mom, you could totally make that in your craft room. Just get a zipper and some felt and there you go." So proud of you Son. 

Any takers on me keeping the headband? Be honest. We'll still be friends. 


Britt said...

HAHAH! Sorry I'm too busy laughing at Lincoln's comment to vote.

novakaz said...

I think you should get a bigger one. The bolder the better! Love it!

Cecil said...

i loveeeee headbands!

Lora said...

Yes! Absolutely. Love it. Looks great on you!!

Lora said...
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