Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go, Ben, Go

Today was Ben's first McKinley Jog-a-Thon, and he rocked it, track jacket style.  He already has celebrity status on the playground. "Hi Ben!" from every kinder and 1st grader. (see sample admirers above) He cheered himself on at the starting line, "Go, go, go!" and got pretty far with the walker before we resorted to stroller jogging. Four laps. Not a bad first race. 

Lincoln's run was after Ben's so they didn't have to share the limelight. Linc started out with some impromptu push-ups to warm up and then proceeded to run 11 laps. 2.5 miles. Whoa. 

Raising money for our school + exercise = cool. Until next year jog-a-thon. 


Eventful Cookies said...

Love this...what a cutie... That kid in the superman shirt cracks me up b/c you know that is probably the face he makes when his mom tells him to smile... haha. Thanks for sharing such a fun memory ~ Rachael

Jules said...

Oh my I love that boy. He is so big and it makes auntie so sad. I am missing out on his life and it sucks!! Thank you for posting pics, although these opened the flood gates for me.

erica said...

Yay! Ben is walking! So amazing!
<3 Erica

Michelle :) said...

your little men are such heroes! love it!

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