Friday, October 8, 2010

Odds & Ends

Thinking ahead to the Thanksgiving table settings. 

Cleaning. Not my favorite thing to do. This great flip chart might help. 

Old Motel signs are cool. Check out this free download from Heather

Vegetarians unite! Or even you meat-eaters out there who love mushrooms in your lasagna. 

Love this comfy apartment. Love Olivet.

I'm sad that I live a train ride away from San Francisco and haven't visited yet. Here's one place  I'll visit when I go.  

Paper crepe paper lanterns. Adorable. Inexpensive to make. I can cut the crepe paper while catching up on episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Oops, I didn't mean to write that. (I really don't watch it. Ok, I do.) 

Happy Friday! What a wonderful day it's been. Had a great design consultation with Erika. Hung Sarah's new retro style curtains next to her awesome red couch. Climbed a tree to get our kitten out. Denied. Recruited a tall girl walking by my house to climb the tree and get the kitten out. Victory! 

Heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with the kids and solving my master bedroom closet nightmare on Sunday. (When I show you the before pictures you'll understand that the word "nightmare" is not me being a drama queen. Not that I ever am) 

Hope you have a great weekend! Come back Monday for an awesome giveaway of some hand-picked vintage decor. So fabulous. 


Anonymous said...

I know you thought of me when you needed someone taller :)

Betsy said...

What pumpkin patch are you going to? I need a recommendation

jen byard said...

We just went to the Pumpkin Station in Bonita. It was fairly small but had all of the things we wanted...corn maze, hayride, and pumpkins! There's one in Ramona that's good too, bigger but lots more people...

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