Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The World's Smallest Closet

 BEFORE. Yep, 19" deep x 79" wide. Pity me. 
 DURING. (Notice the look of confusion on John's face as he navigates the IKEA directions. I get why they use the little man showing you how to put things together, rather than print them in a million languages, but he's still very confusing.)
 AFTER. I've found myself standing in front of my closet several times since the re-do, just looking in with a silly grin on my face. A few details: shelving up top, creating three shelves from one. Hook rail for scarves, belts and ties. 
 Left side organizer. Moved the hanging rod from this side to the right. Storage unit with wire and hard plastic bins. They hold our undies, socks, warm clothes, and shoes. Perfect. 
 Gold wedges. In a sea of boring black. 
Hook rack mounted on the interior of door for light jackets. (John, stop trying to hang your jackets here. This is for LIGHT jackets) 

Small closets foster creativity. Don't you agree? 


Anonymous said...

Ikea has the best solutions for small spaces. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is 1 1/2 hours away. May be time for a day trip!
Great Job on the closet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I LOVE this post! We have the world's second smallest closet in the house we purchased earlier this year and we have done "some" remodeling to make it more user friendly, but it still doesn't "work"....I'm thinking I may show this to Keith and see what we can figure out! I love love love your blog, a total inspiration for those of us who are not nearly close to having the gift of design!

(I'm Amita Mackin's little sister :)

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