Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween, Martha Style

It's hard to tell if Martha loves Halloween or Christmas more. I think it's a draw. 

The October issue of her magazine is always my favorite. How happy was I when I ran across Martha's Halloween collection at Joann's today. I picked up these bat cling-ons and stuck them to every window and mirror in our house. Cupcakes will taste even better with orange cream cheese frosting in these paper liners. I'm thinking about having a Halloween party this year and would love to order this trick or treat banner to decorate with. 

I promise this is my last post about Halloween decor (unless, of course, I find something so cute that I couldn't live with myself if I didn't share it with you. High probability of that happening). I'm starting to look like a real live room parent over here.

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Hillary said...

Hi Jen, I was telling Julie today that I want you to look at the Halloween banner I just made. i replicated the one from PBKids cause, well too pricey and I think it turned out awesome! Hey, maybe if i make one for you, you will pick me as a giveaway winner..... Hmmmmm

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