Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comfort Food

I've always wanted to have a couch at my dining room table. Is that strange? We decided to re-arrange furniture this week and I finally had the opportunity to move my camelback slip-covered couch to the dining room. (Yes, it's white. No, the kids will not be eating on it!) While I love the modern lines of my dining table, bench and chairs, I really like how the couch softens it up. 

We gave it a trial run last night for a dinner party and it received rave reviews. It was especially fun to lounge on after dinner with coffee and dessert. 

What do you think? Would you have a couch in your dining room? 


Anonymous said...

Adorable! We had that set up at the house we used to rent and our dinner parties used to last forever!

Erika said...

Hi! I think it's adorable-- like a bench but cozier. And can I just say that I have been reading ever since my darling best friend moved in with you-- and now I spot her on your cute couch. :) Please give her a hug from me!

Lexi said...

LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! and miss you too!!!

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