Friday, April 15, 2011

Trader Joe's + Stir Fry

One word. Soyaki. It's a magical sauce from Trader Joe's. Meat, fish, vegetables. Tastes great on all three. This week I marinated some chicken breasts and made this stir fry to go with it. New family favorite. Give it a try. 

Soyaki Stir Fry 

4-6 servings Jasmine or Basmati Rice 
8 oz. sliced cremini mushrooms
1 1/2 c. snap or snow peas
3-4 carrots, julienned
1 1/2 c. broccoli
1 1/2 c. asparagus, chopped into 1 inch pieces
1 c. bean sprouts 
2 tbs. olive or peanut oil
Soyaki Sauce to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste

Heat oil on medium high heat. Add carrots, broccoli and asparagus. Cook 3-4 minutes. Add mushrooms, bean sprouts and Soyaki sauce to taste. Cook additional 3 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender. Add salt & pepper. 

Serve immediately over rice.

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