Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ciudad de México | Food & Culture

The food. Oh, the food. There are almost no words to describe the wonderful things I ate in Mexico City. The combinations of spices, flavors, and herbs. Cactus vegetarian tacos, squash blossom quesadillas, mango & pineapple smoothies, sea bass cooked with epazote (herb) and vegetables, and last but not least, street churros filled with chocolate and dulce de leche. (Yes, those are as good as they sound.)

The people were kind and welcoming. Every place we went was a different cultural experience.  I loved that people dance in the streets. Break dancing, salsa and traditional. There were different religious traditions throughout the city that represent Mexico's long history. My favorite cultural tradition that we experienced in every neighborhood was the market. You can buy fruit and vegetables, flowers, pastries, food and the most amazing handmade crafts I've ever seen. It's like the best farmer's market everyday. Love it. 

Tomorrow | Neighborhoods 

Outdoor lunch in Cuernavaca, hour outside of Mexico City
 Dancing in the streets in Condesa, one of my favorite neighborhoods 
 Mmm. Deep fried goodness. 
Flower market in Coyoacan
Shaman spirit cleansing...right next to some street break dancing
Sea Bass with vegetables, served over mashed potatoes 
 Our favorite spot for fresh fruit smoothies & huevos con queso tortas
Breakfast at the cafe on the historic square in Coyoacan

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