Friday, July 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

One of the best parts of summer camp is getting care packages. Here's a great CP idea from Marta's "how-to" series. 

Harrison has been playing all morning with Melissa & Doug's Playdough tools. Get 'em. 

Love this idea for dressing up your blog. Even better, it's free. 

Target has an incredible end-of-summer shoe clearance right now. Got these comfy Mossimo wedges for $8. You can't have too many wedges. That's my motto.

Would you be willing do your wedding this low key? Definitely yes for me. 

It's 80 degrees in San Diego which calls for more time at the beach this weekend. I think I'll pick up a fun sprinkler for the kids to cool off in. Some pesto grilled salmon, corn on the cob and a salad from our garden. And walking down to the South Park Walkabout
Have a fabulous weekend! See you Monday. 


Anonymous said...

agotta disagree about the wedges. There are only so many days a year I feel like being 6'6". Like less than one. LOL.
I need your help finding wallpaper for my bedroom btw...

Hannah said...

hahah! I was just going to post about loving those wedges, but I just can't tower over everyone I meet, except maybe an NBA player, but those sightings are rare. Go tall girls!

jen byard said...

Tall girls rock. Shout out to my favorite tall girls...Liz, Jessica and Hannah!

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