Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever since hearing about John Locke's walkabout, I've been taken with the idea. Definition: "walk with no particular goal" or "a walking trip or tour" or in Locke's case "to wander through the Australian bush". 

I feel like for the most part we are all in a hurry to get everywhere we're going. Maybe this revelation is the result of my newly-found time after resigning from my job, but I'd like to enjoy the "journey to" as much as the "arrival at". 

Practiced this low-stress philosophy on Saturday night at the South Park Walkabout. We stopped to watch a 20 minute flea circus at Vagabond, pet a herd of great danes by El Camino, admire mini-cars, check out My Three Sons onesies at So Childish and eat ice cream from The Daily Scoop. Up one side of the street and down the other at a 2-year-olds pace. John even sat patiently on a bench with the boys while I shopped around at Make Good. 

Less cars. More walking, biking and scooting (Ben). 

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