Monday, July 19, 2010

Treasure Hunt

I consider myself a decent bargain hunter. But when I'm with my long-time friend Richele, I realize I'm still a novice. She sees potential in everything. If you're in Chandler, AZ anytime soon, check out her booth at Merchant Square. We hit the streets at 7am on Saturday looking for deals. After striking out in my part of town, we moved over to Point Loma. Here's a sample of our finds...

1. Richele had to talk me into this leather Cost Plus club chair and ottoman for $15. I listed in on Craigslist to sell, but I'm currently sitting in it as I write this post. Probably a keeper. 

2. Sweet cottage-style coffee table. Great detailing. Selling it for $40. 

3. Love this pot-rack, although my kitchen is too small for one. Thinking about painting it a funky color then hanging it in another part of the house. Any ideas of other things I could display on it? 

4. Bear and I were riding our bike to Starbucks later in the day and picked this up map of the West Indies in the "free" pile in someone's yard. The home owner told me it hung in her father's office for 25 years. The back-story to things makes me like them even more. It's perfect for my living room. 

What treasures have you found lately? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think a ton of strands of vintage pearls would look so shabby beautiful around the pot rack. or everyday jewelry for a functional piece.
did you find these things at garage sales? love it! have you tried the point loma swap meet?
-Pam Curtis

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